Yacon Syrup Weight Loss is Easy and Effective

Yacon syrup weight loss solution is for those who were victims of poor dietary habits that lead to obesity. Eating the wrong kinds of foods will not only cause obesity but a whole lot of health issues. If you are in this situation, you need not lose hope. Using Yacon syrup is an easy way to reduce unwanted weight. You don’t have to undergo Spartan diets, rigorous exercise regimen and painful and expensive surgical procedures.

You may say that this evaluation of Yacon syrup is way overblown. That is true – if you will disregard the results of the tests that were conducted to prove its efficacy in reducing weight. The well-known Dr. Oz has conducted experiments of this substance and has substantiated the claims that it can really reduce weight.

He started with 60 overweight women who were required to take one teaspoon each of Yacon syrup every time they took their meals. Forty women were able to complete the required four week test period. The results were amazing. Seventy three per cent of the participants were able to reduce their weight in just a month’s time. The average weight loss that the participants experienced was almost 3 pounds. That means each participant have lost this much weight during the trial period. Naturally, most of the participants are jubilant in what they have accomplished and readily recommended the Yacon syrup weight loss program to all who want to reduce weight.

Convenience is One Great Factor

Most weight watchers are not able to continue with their weight loss programs because of the following reasons:

• Their weight loss program is very strict and unbending.

• Their diet plans were very restrictive.

• Their exercise programs are too Spartan and very hard to sustain.

All of these negative issues are absent when you undergo a Yacon syrup weight loss program. In fact, it will be very attractive to obese persons because of the following reasons:

• It will not require you to drastically change your diet.

• You are not required to do strenuous exercises to lose weight.

• The taste of Yacon is pleasantly sweet, encouraging you to take it and not to avoid it.

It is no wonder that weight watchers are hailing this new product as the panacea for all their weight problems. Yacon syrup is easy to take, and very effective in reducing weight.

Yacon Syrup’s Potent Ingredients

You will be able to understand the power of Yacon syrup if you will consider the powerful ingredients it contains. These ingredients are specifically designed for losing weight.

Dr. Oz says that FOS or fructooligosaccharides that are contained in Yacon syrup resist breakdown by enzymes in our digestive system. In other words, they reach our colon without being digested. They also act as soluble fibers which increase our stool amount and eventually control constipation. There are other important substances that this syrup contains, such as inulin and prebiotics. All these substances, put together really make a Yacon syrup weight loss program very effective.