Exotic Dance Weight Loss Programs

Exotic dance is certainly something Im no expert on but if there is one thing I do know about it its that exotic dancers are FIT. Now you might think this is the reason they dance. However, many are now finding just the opposite.

Across the nation studios are popping up providing those with a sense of adventure to get a little sexy and have some fun at the same time. Of course there is a lot more to it then just sexy dancing. Women are learning how to connect with their inner beauty. This beauty then expressed in sensual motions as they connect with their creative self. All that PLUS a calorie burning workout? Sign me up Unique workouts that provide more then just a way to lose weight are a great way to get into shape. You experience so much more and they are a lot more interesting. Your more likely to stay committed to something when you truly enjoy it. Thats why I put so much emphasis on being dynamic with your weight loss plan in my own programs. Why not burn calories AND grow as person?

These classes typically last about 90 minutes and can be based around anything from pole dancing and lap dancing to the less risky belly dance. I just want to make a quick note here and say that one of my previous lovers practiced belly dance, and while it is very sensual to watch for most men, this is far from the point of the dance and the culture behind it.

From what I know about gaining muscle mass and burning calories I would say the pole dance is probably the best way to lose weight. Not only will not only burn calories but all the flipping around the on the pole will help you sculpt and shape your form.

I wont say Im not a little envious about these programs. After all it looks like a lot of good fun. Its clear its a good workout, and you would get to meet a lot of interesting people. Im just not sure they would let a guy in on the classes. To be honest I dont think Id be able to keep my focus long enough to do most of the moves anyways!

Burn 1000 Calories

In theory, losing weight is really quite simple. To lose weight you need to be in calorie deficit.

That means your average calorie intake to lose weight must be less that the total calories your body requires.

Only then will your body eat in to your fat stores and start shedding those excess pounds of fat. But ensuring your body is actually in calorie deficit, consistently, day after day, is where people begin to struggle.

Burn 1000 calories and ensure your calories are in deficit

You have a few options when it comes to calorie deficit. The obvious one which every dieter uses is to cut calories.

If you consume less calories than your average calorie intake, then this will increase your deficit. You could also try being more active. Just moving around more – standing up whilst chatting on the phone, taking the stairs instead of the elevator – can burn many more calories. Taking simple opportunities like these will really mount up and add to your calorie deficit.

But by far the most useful, and the one which will really speed up your weight loss, is exercise. The right kind of exercise will really eat in to your fat stores.

Exercise to burn 1000 calories

Just imagine building up your fitness so that every single training session you could burn a ridiculous amount of calories. Well there is a way you can burn 1000 calories every training session. Just think how quickly you would burn off all that fat.

It isn’t as hard as you think! You just need to do the right type of exercise.

I vary my exercise every time. Running, swimming, circuit training, cycling, rowing, or any mixture of these. Sometimes they are longer, less intense sessions, lasting around 60 to 90 minutes. Sometimes they are quicker, much more intense sessions lasting 40 to 60 minutes, especially if they are circuit type sessions, including weights or many bodyweight exercises.

So with these types of sessions I aim to burn around 1000 calories per session, 3 to 4 times each week. That’s an average of a pound per week weight loss, just from exercise!


Controlling your calorie consumption is the key to weight loss, and to keeping your weight off. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, lose a stone, or even 3 stone, calorie deficit is the only way to reach your ideal weight.

But if you really want to lose weight fast, then you must increase your calorie deficit with exercise. You can lose weight by dieting alone, but your progress will be slower as your deficit will be lower. The higher the calorie deficit, the quicker the weight loss.

20 Minute Workout

If you are pushed for time, then maybe you could follow the 20 minute workout below, or tweak it to suit your ultimate fitness goal.

Personally I’ve now moved mostly away from the long endurance training sessions that take up 45 minutes or an hour of my time, and prefer the quick 20 minute workout or similar (sometimes even a 10 minute workout!). Unless I’m playing some sport, or out hill walking (which I’ll write more about soon), most of my training sessions are these quick short-burst type workout routines.

I’ve nothing against long endurance training – if you want to run a marathon, there’s no avoiding it! – but as I get older I some how managed to get so much more busier! I always tend to take on more than I can chew, so anywhere I can save time is an added bonus.

The type of training you perform in your 20 minutes depends on your ultimate goal. If you’re after a fat burning session then try HIIT training to burn off the fat and raise your metabolism. Or take a look at the growing list of workout routines and choose one that satisfies your needs.

The workout below is for strength endurance. All you need is a pair of dumbbells and some floor space so you can perform a few floor exercises.

The Circuit

The circuit below aims to target each major muscle group. Each exercise should be performed one after the other with at least 30 seconds rest between sets. You should confortable be able to complete 2 circuits within your 20 minute timeframe, but as your fitness and strength endurance increase you should aim to complete 3 circuits. It doesn’t matter if you can only complete part of a third circuit. Just so longs as you keep going to fill your 20 minute workout. You’ll soon build up the stamina to complete 3 circuits.

20 Minute Workout Progression

After a few sessions, once this starts to get easier, you can up your game to get more out of your workouts.

There are a number of things you can do . . .

Start off by increasing the number of repetitions for each set. Just add an extra repetition or two to begin with, and build up from there. However, if you start doing too many repetitions, you’ll be pushed to squeeze the same number of sets into your 20 minute slot. You want to make it harder, not easier!

Then try to increase the speed of your sets. But don’t overdo it! You don’t want to injure yourself. It’s actually quite amazing how a small increase in speed can really take it out of you, so go careful! Eventually, you might be able to squeeze a couple more sets into your routine.

With your dumbbell exercises you can gradually increase the weight. Remember though that this is a strength endurance circuit. So you don’t want to be performing very heavy low repetition sets, and working to muscle failure.

After that, you can always increase the time of your circuits, say to 25 minutes. And then 30!