Emotional Eating – Regain Control

Emotional eating is a type of eating disorder that affects thousands of men and women worldwide. Emotional eating is a prime cause of weight gain and sees many people battle with controlling their weight  due to their emotions being on a roller coaster and they subsequently turn to food everytime that their emotions take a dip.

Many people try to take control of their weight gains through emotional eating, by going on a diet or by using appetite suppressant pills to try and curb their hunger. This will not work. Firstly, when going on a diet, the minute that you have an emotional low, you are going to use food to pacify yourself.

By breaking the diet, you then become despondent and frustrated leading you further into an eating binge, resulting in more emotional frustration – a vicious circle of self sabotage. Using an appetite suppressant such as hoodia will result in you being able to eat less due to not being hungry. However, as soon as you hit an emotional low, you turn to food, no matter if you are hungry or not. Appetite suppressants may help you to lose a little weight when emotions are ok, but in the roller coaster emotional periods, you will turn to food anyway, regardless of being hungry or not, and the extra eating will cause you to gain weight.
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When it comes to weight gain caused by emotional eating, dieting and diet supplements can be described as being similar to cutting weeds and hoping that they will not grow again. When you cut a weed, the weed will regrow and each time that the weed regrows, it comes back stronger and bigger. In order to stop the weed from growing, you have to remove the root of the weed.

Only once the root is removed will the weed stop growing and the weed problems will be solved. Like wise, in weight gain from emotional eating, until the root cause of the problem is removed, you will always suffer from weight gain as a result of your emotional eating. You have to dig a little deeper into yourself, uncover the cause of your emotional upsets, remove the cause and then your weight gain and emotional eating problems will be solved.

There are a whole variety of causes of emotional problems, which I will not even attempt to address in this article. However I will say that most of these causes are actually self sabotaging beliefs that have been inbred and taught to you. Whilst you have these self sabotaging beliefs, you will never be able to break free.

Dr Frank Smoot has developed a program that will set you free from these self sabotaging beliefs, and that will cure your emotional roller coaster. The program called “Weight Loss God’s Way” is a tremendous breakthrough in the field of weight loss and has been hailed by those who have embarked on the program as being an incredible breakthrough. Most of the people rave and say “I don’t know what has happened but the weight seems to just fall off.” What has really happened is that the program helps you to identify the root cause of your emotional problems and then helps you to remove the root cause, resulting in your being able to gain control again.

The weight loss God’s way program is available as digital download and costs a mere $39-97. The digital download is available immediately upon payment and enables you to start the course form the comfort of your own home without having to wait for postal deliveries. Dr Frank Smoot’s program is one of the few weight loss programs that lead to effortless and permanent weight loss, whilst solving many emotional problems and creating a new and confident you.