Dr Phil Weight Loss Program

Celebrities are always promoting something. Its a crucial part of how they make a living. The good part about celebrities promotion is that when they are promoting their own product you can be sure they know something about it. A few years ago Dr. Phil, the straight-shooting Texan who helps people on everything from relationships to eating disorders, decided to take on one of the largest issues in American today: Obesity.

Dr. Phils plan to help people lose weight revolves around the use of two books. The first is called The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom Which is exactly as he sounds; He points out 7 key issues you have to understand to permanently lose weight.

These are the keys

Understanding what you really think about yourself and your weight, learning how to have positive thoughts

Deal with emotional eating

Change your environment to promote success

Deal with impulse eating

Learn how to choose the right foods

Learn how to exercise

Set up a support system

These themes are not uncommon to weight loss programs.

Youll see that Ive outlined many of them in many other articles. But its not just the information that is important. Its how that information is delivered. Dr. Phil is an excellent speaker and his writing reflects that fact. When you read his book you get a solid grasp on the concepts. You also FEEL an understanding of what he is writing. This is important. Anytime you want to quit you will remember how the book made you feel and you wont give up.

My mother read Dr. Phils book and told me she learned a lot from it.

The second book is called The Ultimate Weight Solution Food Guide. Again, an appropriate title. Where the first book focused more on you and your environment, this book get right down to talking about the food itself.

Inside it tell you all about:
• Calorie counts for all of your high- and low-response cost foods
• Portion control
• High-response cost, high-yield foods
• Low-response cost, low-yield foods
• Specific menu planning for meals and snacks
• Hunger-suppressing/high-response cost foods
• Recognizing weight-gaining behaviors
• A personal food diary

Thats a lot of quality information that you can apply to any diet or program. If your thinking of buying a few book on weight loss you really cant go wrong with these 2. Ill be providing an interview with my mom about her success using The Dr Phil Weight Loss Program. So stick around for that!